TRIUMPH LIFE, the song...

The waters may sometimes be rough but you can triumph life...

This is the theme song to our "Triumph Life" program.  I worked with the very talented and creative song writer, Mike Renneker, of Los Angeles, California.  As a result, the Triumph Life song came to fruition which is 
a beautiful, poignant and poetic way to point to the purpose of the
Triumph Life Program and that is to convince all of us to believe that
we are masterpieces and are truly special.  We all have a purpose here on this earth to accomplish our mission in life by accomplishing something
great and notable with the talents that our God above has given us. Or, to say it another way, as in the movie Chariots of Fire: "Now is the time to examine ourselves and discover where our true chance of greatness lies."

Life at times is rough and it takes courage to keep going and forge ahead.  This song illustrates the concepts of the "Be Who You Were Meant to Be." Each of us has been created by our Heavenly Father to carry out a purpose that has been pre-supposed or pre-arranged by our God  ~ Jeremiah 29:11 

Just listen to the words and seriously consider that "NOW is the time to start"
using your gifts to help yourself, your family and world ~ 1 Peter 4:10.  Use your very special and unique purpose of your being here on this earth.  If you do this, you truly can be "who you were meant to be" by your creator and to make yourself proud along with your parents and family.

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Nobody has a perfect life
Everyone has trouble and pain
There's always gonna be a challenge from somewhere
Sometimes it's just gonna rain but,
There's a spark and a light inside you
There's hope living in your heart
There's a dream waiting to be lived out
and right now is the time to start

No excuses, you can make it
No matter what anybody might say
Sounds crazy, but there's a power
When you step out in faith

Triumph Life
so you can be who you're meant to be
Let the boundaries set you free
You already have what you need
To Triumph Life
No matter where you're from or where you've been
you can figure out where you fit in
oh, oh, oh, oh, Triumph Life


Each day has too much of everything
So easy to get in too deep
Turn instead to the passion inside you
'cause you've got something that the whole world needs

No excuses, you can make it
No matter what anybody might say
Sounds crazy, but there's a power
When you step out in faith



Thank you Mike Renneker for writing this song for Triumph Life...