• Douglas Taylor

Character Above All (even above taking 2nd place in the 6A State Finals!)

I had the great privilege of working with such a fantastic group of coaches and girls during the 2021 season at Corner Canyon High School Girls Golf Team. My job was to help with the JV program by working with basic swing fundamentals and getting the girls'

short game into a good position for competition during the season. The girls' adeptness, open minds and having great coordination made my job super easy!

Besides being a bunch of very talented golfers, I just can't get out of my mind as to how courteous, friendly, caring and polite (among several other great quality character traits) they were during the season.

Moreover, they were always smiling and seemed pleasantly up in their demeanors. As I instructed some of the newer arrivals to the game of golf, they listened intently as to what the instruction was. Then it was quite amazing how they picked up the game so quickly. As I informed the girls, this game is a life time of learning, practicing and working hard to get better. If they got a dollar for every time I said, "I know how tough this game is. I have been trying for 55 years ever since my dad taught me how to swing at the age of 6!", they would be wealthy girls indeed!

To make matters even more special, they rewarded me with a beautiful thank you card with very special comments inside (not to mention an Amazon gift card) for my efforts in helping out with the team!

Therefore, this blog message is simply to say THANK YOU to the Corner Canyon Girls Golf Team for allowing me this opportunity to share with them this very special game.

For those girls moving on to after high school education and aspirations, richest blessings and success to you in all you do. I know now from meeting you and watching you perform on and off the golf course, you'll do just great!

As I said to my precious, talented daughter, Suzie, who played with the team for three years (graduating in 2019), "SEND IT!" Meaning, let that drive fly as far you can hit it and straight down the middle! That is, as you go through life, be your very best and use your talents from above. What ever you take on on and off the golf course, perform with all your might and all your heart! Give it all you've got! This is what I witnessed during our golf season so keep it going!

So Corner Canyon Girls, can't wait to see the results of your next endeavors and how you will shine that light to the world all around you!

Lastly, to the coach Lexi, Jackie and Ryan, thank you for allowing me to be part of the team! You did just great! I'm impressed!

The very best to you all!

Coach Taylor

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