Triumph Life's Online Workshop

Welcome to the Triumph Life's online workshop.  Whether you are young or a bit older you will benefit from this online program.

If you are younger and in the teen group, the choices you make are so critical to your success in life.  We want you to know that you are unique and you have God-given talents and gifts to share with your family , friends and the rest of us.  You are here for a purpose and we can't wait until you
discover your mission what you are to accomplish in life..


"How to find your passion!"

One:   What do you often think about and dream about doing in your life?

What are you truly interested in?



What do you like to read when you are forced to do so by a homework assignment?

Do you like fiction or non-fiction (real life stories and news)?


What topics do you like most in school or work?


Two:   If you could change something in the world or city,
or family, or school, what would you change?


Three:   What excites you?


What would you like to do or accomplish in your life?



Do you want to make a difference?   Think big...



Four:   Just for a minute--suppose it is your funeral.  What would your family and friends say about you?  How do you want them to remember you?


Five:  What are the things that you currently enjoy?


What are the activities that make you feel the time just flies?


What makes your heart sing?


What activity do you do that you don't even to stop and eat?

(As you are practicing this activity, sport or passion do you not want to stop to eat?  



Do you wake up in the morning excited to begin practicing, tweaking, learning, or studying about this passion? 


List the activities, sports, learning about, hobbies that fit the above description.



Six:  What are the activities you were doing when you felt the most empowered (Think about the jobs or tasks that you have had at school, work, sports, helping someone etc? 

What were you doing when you felt the happiest, most productive and eager to do it?


Seven:   What accomplishments in your life so far are you most proud of?  Small or big?

Have you noticed you are good at a sport?   Have people around commented how great you are at this?


Eight:   If you had just one wish - what would it be?



Take time now to jot down the answers to the above questions?  This will definitely point you to a direction as to what you could pursue I hope this little exercise will help you to identify your passion and the things in life that are the most important.  Take this little exercise every year to see how you have progressed.


Doug would be happy to answer any questions or make any suggestions to help you identify what you really want to do.  

Doug Taylor)  at