Motivating Quotes

Keep fighting to be who you were meant to be..

"Never Ever Quit!"


"Frankly, I don't care anymore what people think
as I must be who I was meant to be by my creator."


"We are masterpieces - every one of us were
created to carry our a particular "purpose and calling" or our mission in life

You are never too young or too old!


The "NO" that you hear is just getting you closer to the next"YES!"


Don't believe that 'negative guy' that pops into your head and says, "you aren't good enough, smart enough, tall enough, short enough.   You can be who who want to be.

Never think - "that someone else always gets the prize," or that someone else is better than you are?  Yes, you can be who you want to be."

"Crowd our any negative thoughts by filling your mind with light and hope.  Yes you can."


Questions to ask yourself:


What do you think your mission is?
When will you start?  Start right this very minute.  YOU CAN do it!

"In short:  Let's find out what your passion really is and what are your goals.  You can  make it happen!

Find and list your natural talents and gifts from above.  Then, YOU CAN make it happen."  "Whether you think you can or can't, you're right!"  ~Unknown Author 

It takes time/work/study/mentorship
/stick-to-it-ive-ness /perseverance /prayer / contemplation  /  hard work  / more prayer  /more study/ a will to succeed / belief in one self  / holding your shoulders back / "Proud of who you are"  kind of attitude.


Let’s Do This Thing!