Golf & Life


My father Dr. Lester Taylor taught me that great sport of golf at 6 years old.  Ever since then, I have been enamored with the game.  I love teaching the game to our youth as it illustrates so many important principles of life:  staying in the fairway, how to stay out of the "traps" on the course and in our ever-important youth.  

7-rules of golf and life!

-----My Father's 7-Rules-----
1.  Be the first to say hello and greet people with a smile.
2.  Leave everything a little better than you found it.
3.  Strive for excellence and take responsibility in every
      area of life.
4  Commit to constant improvement, but keep your
     sense of humor.
5.  Think positively.   Don't fear you will fail.
6.  Have fun and make friends.   
7.  Be thankful and help those around you.