Douglas & Suzanne Taylor

Our Story

I was born in Idaho Falls, Idaho on July 1, 1958 to two hard-working, most loving and dedicated parents: Annette and Dr Lester Taylor.

My mother is the best mother in the world.  Ever since I can remember, besides doing a great job raising five kids, she's always been a very smart business woman and entrepreneur.  She is so enthusiastic, energetic and the one who taught me the meaning of words like, "can-do" and "You have what it takes."  

With my father, I won the jackpot of being blessed with not only one ; but two incredible,  super parents.  He built a very successful dental practice working eleven-hour days during my childhood.   He then taught me the greatest sport in the world (in my opinion), the game of golf.  We enjoyed many wonderful afternoons going head to head in fun-competitive match play. 

I grew up in my early days in Southern California with four siblings who (still are) such a blessing in my life.  

When I turned 19, I  was very blessed to serve a life-changing church mission from 1977-1979 in Ireland. What a beautiful country and the people of Ireland are so friendly and kind. 

Undergraduate general studies at BYU.  Then graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications from the University of Utah.  

Started working for Continental Airlines in 1987.


It was in the early stages of my career when I first laid eyes on the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in 1988, I just knew she would be my wife someday.  She brings me inexplicable joy every day whether I'm half-way round the world or with her where ever we are.   Suzanne is the sweetest, most giving, kind-hearted person I have ever met.  She literally is my sunshine in this sometimes tough world. 

Later in my airline career, I decided to further my education and studied law at the University of West Los Angeles, School of Law obtaining a Juris Doctorate degree.

In 2010, in a very tragic circumstance, we lost our very loving and talented Nephew.  During his funeral, I was deeply troubled by this and still am today.  That is why I wanted to start a non-profit organization which helps youth believe in themselves by discovering who they truly are.  The Triumphlife program helps youth (or anyone) realize their full potential by looking at what they love to do.  We deep-dive into what gifts and talents the Lord gave to them and then we expand and relate to our 'real-world' jobs and careers they should consider.  In essence, then we look at what is their mission in this sometimes confusing and chaotic world we live in.   

While working full-time for the airline, I worked on the Triumphlife program in my 'spare-time' developing and discovering the best way to get this vital message across to our ever-imortant youth of this country. 


Back to the airline business and a very fun time of my airline experience, was helping with the merger of two very powerful airlines-United and Continental in 2011.

Fast forwarding to 2020, the pandemic hit in March and United Airlines needed to reduce in size by 4/5ths.  I then was enticed by their offer to take the next step in my life upon accepting their offer to voluntarily separate from the company.

I loved United Airlines every minute I was there.  I really didn't want to leave as I enjoyed it so much.   I still had some work to do; but felt that a majority of my work had been completed by assisting in getting United stronger in customer service after the merger with Continental.  

Now in this next chapter of my life, I believe fervently that the Lord has a great work for me during this next part of my life.   That is to help our youth be who they were meant to be and to triumph in helping them believe in themselves.

I urge you to reach out to me via social media or phone to make an appointment to discuss the Triumph Life Workshop, if you might know of any youth who need a boost to discover who they were meant to be.


Once someone realizes that it's okay to be 'Who They Are,' and who they were meant to be, it is truly life-changing!  It is a miracle to see someone change based on what the Lord's will is for them.   A light turns on and as the Bible says, "If the Lord delights in a man's way, he makes his steps firm; though he stumbles, he will not fall, for the Lord upholds him with his hand (Psalm 37:23-24).   

God's richest blesssings to you and your family.'

Douglas Cleon Taylor